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There is a thread that links Italy, England and Zanzibar; a story that has lasted more than a century and is intertwined with that of my family. The story of a grandfather and his grandchildren who, gathered together in the cold winter evenings, listened to him recalling the distant times spent in the Art Nouveau villa that Miss Mabel Dorothy, a wealthy English noblewoman, had built in Caravaggio at the beginning of the 20th century. The same villa where the officers of the Great War had later found refreshment, comforted by the brandy spirits that Miss Mabel prepared with great wisdom using ancient stills. Time and dust were not enough to scratch the memory of these attention when after almost a century I brought to light one of these relics, hitherto hidden in the attics of the villa. A new story then begins, one that takes us all the way to Zanzibar, in search of inebriating scents and distant suggestions. The spices of this island, through the rediscovered still, come to life in an enveloping Gin with a soft and spicy taste, the result of patient processing and a meticulous search for perfect alchemy. After 99 tests, I am proud to present Gin Gasto 41: it is all contained in its name, the history of this gin, perfect in its forty-first formulation, as revealed by the number engraved on the label. Tradition and discovery, memory and innovation: these are the ingredients that cannot be read on the label, but which make Gin Gasto 41 an adventure to savor.


Gin Gasto 41: a Premium Distilled Gin with a spicy flavor, the first in the world with Zanzibar
botanicals, which owes its unique taste to the perfect blend of a few selected quality ingredients.

A Gin smooth on the palate, thanks to the exotic notes of sugar cane molasses and the typical
Zanzibarian spices, such as cloves, lemongrass and an exclusive secret ingredient. A perfect
alchemy which gives back, on the finish, an extraordinary balsamic note.
It took 99 tests to find the ideal formulation: the 41st, the result of a meticulous and accurate
research. Even the alcohol content pays homage to the label: obviously, 41 degrees.


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